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House 1: A4+1
House 2: A4+1 (1)
House 2: A4+1 (2)
House 3: A4
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House 2: A4+1(1) - apartment for 4-5 persons : Appartement fŘr 4-5 Personen

1. floor / 1. Stock

apartment PeriŠ, Igrane - terrace with sea view
old Dalmatian style interior decoration
Dalmatian styled bedroom - apartments PeriŠ Igrane
second bedroom in apartments PeriŠ, Igrane
dining table
fully equipped kitchen, apartments PeriŠ - Igrane
traditional Dalmatian living style decoration
sofa on terrace in apartment PeriŠ, Igrane
beautiful interior in apartment PeriŠ, Igrane
bedroom from past century
bathroom, bathtube
beautiful sea view from terrace, Igrane, apartment PeriŠ
sofa in the living room
dining room

A4+1 (1st floor)

decoration on dining table, Igrane, apartments PeriŠ